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Video production company in Mumbai


Sparks Film Video production company Mumbai is successfully active in brand building, giving a new digital vision to our clients and engaging consumers with authentic high-quality video that appeals to targeted consumers.

Therefore video marketing is a vital part of digital marketing. Almost 80% of internet/online users tend to watch videos. No doubt video can easily connect with the audience to its visual representation and help in brand awareness

In conclusion, the powerful tool “video” on a landing page can definitely boost your brand value and increase conversion by 85%.


  • Easily grabs attention
  • Helps in Brand awareness in Short time
  • Best Social media marketing tool
  • Helps in Sales conversion

Wants to promote the brand and grow digitally?  New in video marketing?
Don’t worry, Sparks Film video production Mumbai is taking you through your goals.


Advertising needs different and unique videos for different purposes and social media channels as per marketing objectives. It can be an impressive ad film for targeting the most valuable and new consumer for generating high value that leads to maximum ROI (Return of Investment) or it can corporate film for the company and corporate-based purpose.

However, producing effective video content takes forethought, understanding brand objectives, ideation, and execution.

Whether or not you have an in-house group or recruit a video production agency to deal with your digital marketing.
Hence, there are three phases of video production you’ll either have to do yourself or ensure the video production agency you hire offers.

Ad films

It’s a powerful asset in the digital world. Ad Films usually promotes a product, brand or services. Motive of AD film is to spread awareness, generate leads, engage the audience and increase conversion rate. We make commercial video by analyzing brand and understanding needs.

Corporate Films

Corporate video content is targeted towards a company’s core selling demographics or internal employees. Sparks film produces corporate videos that captivate audiences, inspires action & drives results for businesses & brands.

Explainer videos

An explainer video is designed to explain your company’s product, service or subject in a way that your audience can understand in less than a minute. Sparks film loves to craft explainer video from conceptualizing to animation.

Social Media Marketing

We drive content to your audience and engage them to perform actions that drives growth and gives measurable results. We offer engaging Static post and video post content for social media channels.

2d animation

Animation or callouts are a great way to explain a complex topic in a simple way, or to visualize aspects of a service that is not easily representable with live action footage.

Ad films
Corporate Films
Explainer videos
Social Media Marketing
2d animation



Sparks Film video production Mumbai is providing authentic and creative production services for all your storytelling needs. There are three phases of our video production that we follow.



First things first. Sparks creative team Understand the process of your brand and preparing a script accordingly. Discussing target audience, objective and strategy are also part of this process flow. This is the last hurdle before filming, it can begin.

  • Analyzing brand
  • Understanding brand objective, target audience
  • Deciding video tonality
  • Budgeting
  • Location hunting and studio booking
  • Concept and scripting
  • Storyboarding and shot listing
  • Casting



It’s time for execution! This is where ideas come to life and you can see them in action. The reason we create a detailed script and storyboard is so that the director knows precisely what they’re doing on the shoot. Nothing is left to chance.

Team involves in producing video.

  • Project head is the core person who takes part in all production phases.
  • DOP (Director of Photography) in charge of camera and lighting. Works with the director to portray the perfect story in a visual manner.
  • Director is the main one who follows the script and executes with the whole production team. He craft concept into a real video.
  • Makeup artist understands actors look according to script and improve actor’s appearance to enhance story.


Post production

Putting together the content produced is an art in itself.
Known as post-production/crafting. Adding Graphics and Special Effects.
During the editing process, you might want to request alterations or revisions.

  • Video editing
  • Titles, credits, and graphics
  • Color correction and Color grading
  • Sound and music mixing
  • Dubbing and voice over
  • VFX/Visual effects
  • Motion graphics or animation
  • Delivering final output

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